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About Looksee and Me!

I have been in the Dental field since 2004. I was taken to the Dentist with a toothache when I was 18 with my father; I was terrified of the Dentist and shook like a leaf.

I was enrolled at university for teaching but I wasn’t enjoying it, while at the dentist our family dentist said we are looking for a dental nurse and would you like to come on board, I laughed hard and was like no……… on the drive home my father who is a crazy human loves the dentist and even has treatment without local anesthetic, encouraged me that I should give it a go.

So the next week I was out of university and my part time lotto kiosk job and I was thrusted into learning chair side with a new grad dentist, we were both newbies and I am forever grateful for this start in my dental career.


I completed my Dental nursing course over 12 months and then went onto investigating Dental therapy, I applied as a mature age student and there was only 9 students accepted into the 2006 class at Curtin university- after completing my course full time, all clinical practical work was on university holidays so no big breaks for us Dental therapy and hygiene students, fun fact my mother was the first person I ever gave an injection to and has been my number one patient and Guinea pig ever since.

I completed my degree and went straight into the country; Bridgetown. Bridgetown is situated 3 hours from Perth as a young 22 year old running a Dental van in country locations this was make or break. I had to learn quickly to correctly make clinical decisions and to liaise with other specialists and professionals over the phone and back in the day fax machine! I realized then that I loved this job and wanted to help kids to not be scared and to understand the importance of good oral health, that’s where my tell, show do approach or working is vital in settling all patients of all ages.

I moved back to Perth in 2010 where I worked in both the private and public sectors treating a mixture of adults and children.

After 5 years back in Perth and two babies later I rang Dental health services to see what country vacancies they had? At the time it was Geraldton or Bridgetown, well that was a no brainer, within 6 weeks we had packed up our home and our 4 year old and 18 month old and hit the road for another new adventure we stayed in Bridgetown until we relocated to wonderful Albany in 2021.

During this time I have also tried to make every encounter a positive experience, I believe it is an honor that patients and parents trust me to deliver high quality care to their child.

It is so sad that a lot of adults have poor dental health outcomes because of a negative experience as a child and then they just don’t go as an adult, this makes small things to be able to grow bigger and more complex treatment needs, my dream is to help to change the health outcomes for the next adult generations.

Looksee Dental was created to have a space geared up for children and to have flexible times for parents to come and gain information towards their child’s health – early intervention, early detection, minimal treatment needed.

I can’t wait to see meet your children and help them in their oral hygiene journey.

Pamela Holmes


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