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During that first year with a new baby we are bombarded with so much information and lack of sleep! If I can stress the importance of one thing it would be to keep a record of the amount of antibiotics and fevers the child has in the first 18 months of life. MIH molar incisor mineralisation ( chalky teeth) occurs when the enamel of a tooth is interrupted while the minerals are forming, there are many factors and it is impossible to pin point when this is occurring in the child’s development. What we do know if that children whom are premature, have prolonged antibiotics usage and high fevers have an increase in occurrence, this means that regular check-up’s from 2 years old are vital at picking up development defects on the tooth which make it weaker, we can’t help the child’s illness but we can be proactive in early assessment and making sure the weaker enamel on these affected teeth are seen to early.

More information coming on Dummy's, grinding, tooth eruption patterns, when to start tooth paste, myofacial exercises.




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