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Preparing For Your Visit

It is best to be really casual about your child's up coming appointment, maybe a few days before mention it in passing, and explain we are going to get our teeth counted and see how they fit together. 

Please don't say if you arnt brushing Pamela's going to tell you off. 

If your child asks something particular about their appointment you can show them some pictures of the clinic annd myself helps to get them familiar and just say Pamela Will explain and talk to us when we get there. 

If your child is anxious or scared PLEASE call or email prior and don't mention this in the clinic, and please don't mention extractions, needles or your past dental experience. 

I set aside longer appointments than most clinics to settle your child let them have a play while we chat and I will be showing them around and some things that we will use - the intra oral camera is a favourite and we do all this before I even ask them if they are ready to have a ride in the chair. 

Pamela ready for your visit

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