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Orthodontics when to refer? Is it too late? 

Delayed eruption baby teeth after 13 years 

Energy drinks, sport drinks, smoking, vaping, oral piercings and wisdom teeth.

While most children have lost of their baby teeth by 12 years old, this can occur anywhere between 10-14 years. Teenagers have so much else developing and going on in life however this is the most crucial time for their permanent teeth as once newly erupted teeth aren’t fully mineralised until a few years post eruption. In other words they are immature and need time to be protected and erupt in a plaque free environment, it is at this time that children get part time jobs and have more access to sports drinks, soft drinks and unfortunately energy drinks. These drinks on regular occurrence don’t give the enamel a chance, if using sports drinks during high intensity sports children should be encouraged to swigg with water afterwards, drink through a straw or just drink water.

Below is a picture of white spot lesions – how decay starts deminerlisation of the outer enamel.




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