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Here at Looksee Dental, Dental Therapist Pamela feels it is so vital to have regular General Children's Check ups to assess not only teeth.

Having these regular assessments can aid early intervention, minimal treatment plans and better outcomes for saving tooth structures and having access to treatment options while the jaws are developing and the bone is malleable thus limiting more intensive orthodontics later in life once growing has slowed. 

We really can keep our teeth for life if they have formed properly, decay is a preventable disease! 

Education, regular reminding about Oral Hygiene practices and awareness is how we start to reducehow prevalent decay in our nation has become.
Soon to be a MYA Munchies Certified Practitioner

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Monday 11am-6:30pm
Tuesday 11:00am to 6:30pm 
Wednesday *By appointment only* 
Thursday 7:30am to 1pm 
Friday 11:00am to 6pm 
Saturday 9am to 3pm 
Sunday closed

For emergencies/traumas and severe toothache:

Telehealth appointments available for existing patients Cost $60 (limited service)
Phone: 0456 720 861

Call out fees apply ($65) and not claimable through Medicare or health funds if we meet at clinic and then further fees for treatment supplied. Phone: 0456 720 861 

If not available further emergency numbers are on voice mail. 

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